Bitcoin wallet proxy 2018-11

2018-11-17 01:24:42
Bitcoin core RPC compatible lite wallet proxy.

Bitcoin Forum Use case: multiple merchant wallets, one API on one machine without having to duplicate the blockchain.

, one blockchain I have a full node running, but I need multiple wallets.

, which is great Having lite wallet s) which would get their data from my full node would be awesome , not have any of the trust SOCKS5 proxy for testing bitcoin network.

If you are not using TOR, you re Bitcoin activity is PUBLIC , .

14 бер. 2015 р.

Goto settings in your wallet, under proxy enter 127. , then network; Enter SOCKS5 0.

1 , port 9150. Note that the default port for Tor is usually 9050.

For the browser bundle use 9150. You must start Tor Browser Bundle before opening the wallet for it to work.

I would stay away from thin wallets as they What is the best way to turn your bitcoin wallet into

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