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Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Directory Information RSGB IOTA 9 нояб. 2008 г.

Pages from the IOTA Directory. The following pages are all from the 2016 edition of the IOTA rsgb Directory, in some iota cases updated. PDF logo Introduction to IOTA, a Brief Summary; PDF logo Frequently Asked Questions; PDF logo IOTA Programme Rules; PDF logo IOTA Island Group Listings: Notes on Use; Не найдено: wettbewerbssoftware.

RSGB iota Как использовать новый IOTA сайт. 1) Для начала необходимо кликнутьRegister new user Зарегистрировать нового пользователя) в правом верхнем углу страницы.

2) После этого Вас попросят ввести Ваш позывной. Следующие шаги зависят от того, как много информации уже известно о. Вас в IOTA Не найдено: wettbewerbssoftware.

undefined Join Friends of IOTA , support the development of the IOTA Programme. IOTA Group Level GBP 500.

Archipelago Level GBP 250 499.

Island rsgb Level GBP 100 249.

Atoll Level GBP 10 99.

Click here for a list of donors.

Не найдено: wettbewerbssoftware.

Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Homepage RSGB IOTA 3 янв. 2009 г.

IOTA rsgb enthusiasts are reminded that the last date for submitting applications , fees) for inclusion in the 2018 Honour Roll , other performance tables is 31 January 2018. , updates to checkpointsand mailing cards If submitted postmarked after that date, they will be processed in the normal way but the Не найдено: wettbewerbssoftware. RSGB IOTA Contest RSGB Contest Committee The RSGB IOTA Contest, was created in 1993.
, using the Islands on the Air concept This is now a major international event, attracting thousands iota of participants from all over the world. Radio Amateurs will be travelling to islands around the globe, , with those Не найдено: wettbewerbssoftware, making contacts with other islands , putting them on the air

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