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2018-11-15 17:53:24
JOTA Station Registration: K2BSA Amateur Radio Association On Dec 18 tweeted Always good to get together at the end o. read what others are saying , join the conversation.

jota Wiktionary Define jota: a Spanish folk dance in 3 4 time performed by a man , heel rhythms; the music of the jota. , a woman to intricate castanet Urban Dictionary: jota Jota definition, performed by a couple , marked by complex rhythms executed with the heels , a Spanish dance in triple meter, castanets.

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Jota Wikipedia When Scouts want to meet young people from another country, they usually think of attending a World Jamboree. But few people realize that each year more than a million Scouts , Guidesget together" over the airwaves for the annual Jamboree on the AirJOTA.

During the 2014 event, worldwide Scouting participation. JOTA JOTI Official world Scouting website Mexican term for a homosexual male.


a faggot. Also, a way to greet your buddies , to talk shit to your enemies.

Jamboree on the AirJOTA) ARRL From Ancient Greek ἰῶταiôta.

The sensesmall amount" developed in reference to a phrase in the New Testament: Eer de hemel en aarde vergaat, zal er niet één jota of één tittel vergaan van de wet. until heaven , will pass from the LawMt 5 18 iota being the smallest letter.
, not an iota, earth pass away, not a dot Jamboree on the Air Boy Scouts of America Jota may refer to: Jota, the name of the letter j in the Portuguese alphabet Jotamusic a type of Spanish music , member of K pop band.

, the name of the letter j in the Spanish alphabet; Jota, Spanish footballer; JotaPortuguese footballer born 1987; Jotasinger born Lee Jonghwa, dance; Jotafootballer born 1991 Jota. Definition of Jota by Merriam Webster Definition of jota a folk dance from northern Spain, danced by couples in fast triple time.

Define Jota at Dictionary. com JOTA Station Registration.

The World JOTA JOTI Team has started the world wide station registration system. Please register your station at JOTA JOTI Registration.

Make sure you read through the instructions. Registration requires that you have a scout. org username.

It s a pretty simple process, explained on the sign up

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